Food For Thought (it's what you make it)

by Philly Black

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Open up the matrix born out of relation

Love sweet creation forms the foundation

Birth of many nations spread across creating

New civilizations world domination mind captivating

Thoughts that I’m relating control my situation brings forth

The revelation that all life is sacred given through generations

Heritage inherited passed down remember it Ayo life is a gift

Filled with spiritual bliss Ayo no treasure in the world can account for this

Life’s gentle kiss metaphoric, deliberated, definitive, coordinated conversation

Cooperation with heaven and earth you connects the universe absolute balance

You in life we’re all challenged some turn to violence run or face challenge

Right, left is balance choice is always challenged Come on


The world is what you make it

(what you make of it)

So we’re all trying to make it


Open up the heavens pour out many of blessings

Throughout our adolescence transforms our mere essences

Affected by affection emotion symbolically yo abbreviated thoughts

Would change mentality as far as I can see day light with eye sight

I’m alright see life for life strife for strife fight the fight I fight for

Life’s life soul energy the key to preserve my longevity so I ask

The Heavenly on my knees for everything knowledge, wisdom, everything

Understanding is everything so I face the challenge for that equal balance

Climb the highest mountains drunk from many fountains watch stories

Unfold learn through souls that sometimes that gold requires a living soul

Sometimes you choose whether you win or lose

Sometimes you lose because you have to come on


The world is what you make it

(what you make of it)

So we’re all trying to make it


Open up the mind yo so uncomplicated

This is my world your world so we’re all related

Broken down reproduced like were replicated

Yo together we stood when we all were naked

One earth yo to share one life we all live

Imagine every part of our life yo was real clear

Like light illuminated choice no more equated

Thought aberration yo fate determinated

Yo would you be elated if poor yo was your place in

Life’s grand design the freedom of choice divine

Understand the gift the gift we’re blessed with

Yo life is precious therefore you treasure it

Yo understand the dreams as close though it may seem

Sometimes those dreams are vision of future things

Yo life is mapped out we plan and bring about

The end will find out what life is all about come on


released July 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Philly Black Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly Black aka Black comes from Philly but has roots all over PA his flow is like no other melodic, smooth, laid back but can erupt into a semi-automatic burst at any given time. Philly Black is a true Hip Hop connoisseur understanding and appreciating the art the has captured the minds of the masses. ... more

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